Willie's Motor Bike!

  Quality Low Cost Motorized Bikes and Kits!!!!! 

Put a Motor on Your Bike!

Great quality New PK-80 Motorized engine kit complete and ready to install for ONLY $150!!!

This Complete Motor Kit includes: a New PK-80 Engine and everything needed to install on MOST Men's 2-Wheel Bikes, with a V-Frame. You can install this kit yourself in a day! All you need is some common hand tools and a little mechanical aptitude is helpful! I supply good Step-By-Step-Pictured instructions, as well as my help Via Phone.

Some bikes with Larger or odd-shaped tubes may required a special bracket or mount, those supplies are NOT included in a kit.

I can professionally install a motor kit on your bike.

If you do not have the time, patients, or if you think you may be in over your head, I will install the kit on your bike for $50.00. I do good quality work and guarantee it. If I do the installation and when you pick it up and don’t like my work, i'll be glad to remove it and charge nothing. All my work is guaranteed, for a total of $250.00 you will have a good motorized Bicycle ready to ride!

Motorized bikes, Complete D.I.Y. Kits!

I sell complete motorized bike do it yourself kits, comes with a new bike, new engine and step by step picture instructions. The cost of these kits depends on the engine and bike you choose.

I have several Micargi Beach Cruisers available (retail price $250.00) $179.00, New premium 49cc or 68.5cc motor conversion kit $195.00+, Chrome or Black Springer Front Fork $50.00, The bike comes assembled, with springer fork and slime tubes, kit included. The price of the complete kit is $425.00. don’t let the price chance you away, if you do not think that you have the time, paitents, or machanical apitude that it takes to put together a motorized bike, I will be glad to complete your motorized bike for a total of $550!

             What is required to install a Engine Kit on a Bike!

"Donor Bike" should be a men’s style V-framed bike, with round tubes and no rear suspension.

Other shaped tubes may require special hardware. See diagram below.

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